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Superintendent's Office

Jeffrey Holbrook
Jenna Molyet
Administrative Assistant

Dear Parents, Students, and Community Members,

Hello, I am Jeffrey Holbrook, the new Superintendent, and I would like to take the time to introduce myself to the district. I have been at Wynford Local Schools for the past 19 years serving in several capacities: Art teacher, yearbook advisor, basketball coach, football coach, strength and conditioning coach, junior high principal, and high school principal. I have served as Hopewell-Loudon Local Schools superintendent for the past three years.

I have been married to my wife, Abbi Holbrook for the past fourteen years. Abbi is an educational aide at Wynford Elementary in the preschool unit. We have two children, Cali, 12 years old and Sydney, 11 years old. Our girls love to read, play, compete in sports, and enjoy camping. We have two dogs, Harley and Doc. They both are high energy dogs that love to run and play. (destroy the house too!)

I enjoy college football, high school athletics, fishing, working out, finding ways to get better professionally, and spending time with my family and close friends. As a family, we like to go camping to spend quality time together. Another pastime is reading. I read many different types of books, but history is one of my favorites. I am an avid Ohio State football fan and I cannot wait for fall. I will attend most of our events here at Mohawk to support our kids and watch some of the best and most pure competition one can find. Football season brings me one memory that I truly love, the drum line! The drums on a Friday night, as well as the band, brings back so many great memories for me from days long gone……. The crossfit/weightlifting workouts help me keep a high energy level and mental focus throughout the day. I enjoy talking to various people in the educational profession. I have watched Jon Gordon, Urban Meyer, Tim Kight, Simon Sinek, James Bird Guess, Jacko Willink, and Doc Ballard, Congressional Medal of Honor recipient, all to gain perspective.

One item that people find odd about me is the fact that I do not watch TV for the most part. I watch all the college football I can, but other than that, I tend to read and research. It is relaxing and educational all in one. 

I will have individual times available to meet with community members so we can get to know one another. If you are interested in talking one-on-one, I would encourage you to call Jenna Molyet at 419/927-2414 for my availability and set a time and a date. I am truly excited for the opportunity to lead such a great district!


Jeffrey A. Holbrook

Mohawk Local Schools Superintendent

Hello Mohawk Community,
The school board is the education watchdog for their community, ensuring that students get the best education for the tax dollars spent. They are a governing body elected by the residents of the school district, committed to insuring our students are prepared for their future. I am very pleased to work for a Board of Education that emphasizes student achievement, is committed to long term fiscal stability, and analyzes data to look at progress toward meeting our goals.

The Mohawk Board of Education has established a strategic plan with four areas of emphasis.

1. Student Achievement and Instructional Excellence
Whether students are continuing their education in pursuit of a specific vocation, college intending, or moving into the work force, it is our primary mission to prepare students for success.

2. Communication and Community Engagement
We inform our community of the great things happening at Mohawk.   We seek community input when considering policy revisions. We communicate through multiple platforms including web, social media, automated alerts, and traditional print materials.

3. Fiscal Stewardship
We operate with complete financial transparency and are committed to good stewardship of taxpayer dollars. We maintain and improve our facilities to improve efficient and effective operations now and in the future. We plan and save for inevitable and costly maintenance needs such as roof replacement and paving. We established a rainy day fund to insure financial stability. Finally, we operate with a balanced budget.

4. Safety and Security
We develop and revise district and building safety plans annually. We conduct and document all safety drills as mandated by Ohio Law. We have implemented technologies and protocols for dealing with an active shooter situation. We drill with area first responders in preparation for an active shooter situation and have put in place technologies to help prevent or minimize casualties in the event of such.

Our board meetings are  public meetings and community members are always welcome. If you have questions or concerns you’d like to  discuss, please don’t hesitate to call. Thank you for the opportunity to serve the students of Mohawk School District.