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At this time we will need to put a hold on Preschool enrollment. If more spots open up in the fall, we will notify everyone at that time.

Board Of Education

Mohawk Local Board of Education

Sam Flood - Serving children since 2016 
Eric King - Serving children since 2020,
Kathy Koehler - Serving children since 2014,
Carl Long - Serving children since 2020,
Josh Messersmith - Serving children since 2018,

Strategic Plan 2016-2019
Board Policies

Policies available for Public Comment

Mohawk Local School District contracts with NEOLA® to provide consulting and recommendations on policy updates. NEOLA® publishes two regular Updates per year that include proposed revisions to policy, guidelines/procedures, and/or forms that are based on changes in Federal and State law, government regulations and school practices.  NEOLA® will publish special Updates when legislative action requires Districts to make policy decisions that cannot wait until the next regular update.  The proposed policy additions, revisions, or deletions are a result of a personal consultation between the Superintendent and a NEOLA® associate.  Before recommending these policy changes to the board of education for approval they will be available for public comment for one month.

Comments can be submitted in writing to the Superintendent by:

by mail: 
Mohawk Local School District
              295 State Highway 231
              Sycamore, OH 44882
or dropped off in person at the above address
Policies for public input and consideration for adoption.

Policy 3120 - Employment of Professional Staff (Revised)


Policy 3120.05 - Employment of Personnel in Summer School and Adult Education Programs (Revised)


Policy 3120.08/  4120.08 - Employment of Personnel for Co-Curricular/Extra-Curricular Activities (Revised)

Revisions to these policies evolved from the enactment of H.B. 491 limiting Treasurer liability regarding confirmation of employee licensure. The law requires notification of valid licensure to be provided to the Treasurer prior to payment.

These revisions reflect current Ohio law and should be adopted to maintain accurate policies.

Policy 2464 - Gifted Education and Identification  (Revised)

Revisions to this policy are in response to questions raised by clients and program reviewers. Ohio Revised Code (O.R.C. 3324) and Ohio Administrative Code (O.A.C. 3301-51-15) address specific content of District policy and the District's plan for Gifted Education and Identification and require a regular (annual) review of same.  These revisions add emphasis to the requirement to provide an "opt-out" of services for students and address the need to follow prescribed timelines (e.g.., a transfer student must be evaluated within ninety (90) days; the District must notify parents within thirty (30) days of assessment results).  While the current policy does have a '"catch-all" statement that should suffice, reviewers seem to be looking for greater specificity.

These revisions reflect current provisions of State law and administrative regulations and should be adopted to maintain accurate policies.  The revised policy, along with the District plan must be filed with ODE on an annual basis.


Policy 3120/4120 Employment of Professional/Classified Staff (Revised)

These two (2) policies have been revised to replace reference to "highly qualified" as previously required, with current Ohio licensure requirements.

These revisions reflect the current ODE licensure requirements and should be adopted to maintain accurate policies.


Policy 3120.04 - Employment of Substitutes  (Revised)

Revisions to this policy reflect the changes made for substitute teaching licenses in S. B. 216 and codified in R.C. 3319.226 (effective in November 2019).  Details of this statutory change and ODE licensure protocols are included in Legal Alert - Substitute Teaching Licenses in this Update.

These revisions reflect current Ohio law and should be adopted to maintain accurate policies.


Policy 4162 - Drug and Alcohol Testing of CDL License Holders and Other Employees Who Perform Safety-Sensitive Functions (Revised)

See Legal Alert - Annual Random Drug Testing Rate Increase and New FMCSA Clearinghouse.  Specific notification and reporting requirements have been added in response to audit recommendations from the Department of Transportation officials.

Revisions to this policy reflect current Federal regulations and should be adopted.


Policy 5460 - Graduation Requirements (Revised)

The Legislature has approved a number of changes to Ohio’s graduation requirements over the past few years (See: Legal Alert in Winter 2019 Update). The latest changes were adopted in House Bill 166 and included new requirements for the Class of 2023 and beyond.  Policy 5460 has been updated to incorporate these changes. Among the changes for the Class of 2023, students will be required to earn at least two of twelve recognized diploma seals. The State Board of Education is directed to adopt guidelines for issuing nine of the new State seals. School Districts are required to adopt guidelines and offer at least one of three local seals – the community service seal, the fine and performing arts seal, or the student engagement seal. An optional administrative guideline has been developed for Districts that elect to offer the new local diploma seals for students before 2023. ODE has indicated that it plans to release additional information about the 2023 requirements, including diploma seals, in the near future. Districts should carefully consider whether to adopt the new requirements before ODE releases the guidance.  

This revision reflects current law and should be adopted, after careful consideration of options provided, in order to maintain accurate policies.


Policy 5460.02 - Students At Risk of Not Qualifying for a High School Diploma (NEW)

This new policy is provided in response to the requirements of H.B. 166 and is consistent with current guidance from ODE.

This new policy reflects the requirements of State law and should be adopted.


Policy 6107 - Authorization to Accept and Distribute Electronic Records and to Use Electronic Signatures (Revised)

This revision recognizes and authorizes the use of electronic signatures and electronic records for the broader range of applications and transactions that are part of the school business function.  Such specific authorization has been requested by clients when dealing with Medicaid assistance for IEP services.  It should be noted that the District should implement procedures with the use of electronic signatures and electronic records that protect the integrity and security of the information included in such records.

This revision is recommended for adoption.

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