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Mohawk Local Board of Education

Devon Gillig - Serving children since 2016,
Kathy Koehler - Serving children since 2014,
Josh Messersmith - Serving children since 2018,
Ray Wagner - Serving children since 2015,
Sam Flood - Serving children since 2016, 

Strategic Plan 2016-2019
Board Policies

Policies available for Public Comment

Mohawk Local School District contracts with NEOLA® to provide consulting and recommendations on policy updates. NEOLA® publishes two regular Updates per year that include proposed revisions to policy, guidelines/procedures, and/or forms that are based on changes in Federal and State law, government regulations and school practices.  NEOLA® will publish special Updates when legislative action requires Districts to make policy decisions that cannot wait until the next regular update.  The proposed policy additions, revisions, or deletions are a result of a personal consultation between the Superintendent and a NEOLA® associate.  Before recommending these policy changes to the board of education for approval they will be available for public comment for one month.

Comments can be submitted in writing to the Superintendent by:

by mail: 
Mohawk Local School District
              295 State Highway 231
              Sycamore, OH 44882
or dropped off in person at the above address
Policies for public input and consideration for adoption.

Policy 2271 – College Credit Plus – Revised policy. Changes to be consistent with Ohio Law which moves the deadline for a parent meeting from March 1 to February 1. Includes changes to the eligibility requirements for student participation as well.

Policy 2464 – Gifted Education and Identification. Changes to reflect changes in the new Operating Standards for the Identification and Service of Gifted Students. Specifies College Credit Plus as a service option. Specifies criteria for the development and distribution of the gifted student’s WEP (written education plan).

Policy 4120.05 – Employment of Substitute Educational Aides – Allows an aide to be hired and utilized for up to 60 days while the apply for the credential. Background check will still be required prior to beginning.

Policy 5136 – Personal Communication Devices – New policy governing the use of personal communication devices by students.

Policy 5200 – Attendance – Aligns district policy with Ohio law. Ohio law requires attendance to be tracked by hours instead of days. Truancy is defined by hours. Procedures for truant students are outlined.

Policy 5330 – Use of Medications – Allows student to possess and apply over the counter sun screen.

Policy 5530 – Drug Prevention – Adds betel nut (areca nut) as a forbidden substance. Leaves are chewed like tobacco and acts as a mild stimulant not unlike nicotine.

Policy 6233 – Amenities for Participants at Meetings – Authorizes the use of public funds for providing meals and refreshments for professional development meetings and the like.

Policy 6680 – Recognition – Authorizes the use of public funds to honor its staff, former board members, or other nonemployee persons with plaque and the like in recognition of their contribution.

Policy 7300 – Disposition of Real Property – Governs the legal requirements for disposing of real property and includes the requirement to provide startup community schools within the districts boundaries the right of first refusal on property to be auctioned.

Policy 8600.04 – Bus Driver Certification – Requires and look back period of 10 years with no DUI in order to obtain the proper CDL. Requires record checks to be maintained for 10 years.

Policy 9141 – Business Advisory Council – Requires the district to have a Business Advisory Council to advise the Board on Matters of curriculum and meeting the needs of the business community in our student preparation. Mohawk will work with the Wyandot County Office of Economic Development to fulfill this requirement.

Policy 7540.03 – Staff Technology Acceptable Use and Safety – Governs the use of District Technology Resources consistent with applicable local, State, and Federal Laws. Articulates expectations of stud conduct in the use of District Technology Resources.

Policy 7540.04 – Student Technology Acceptable Use and Safety – Governs the use of District Technology Resources consistent with applicable local, State, and Federal Laws. Articulates expectations for staff use of District Technology Resources and well as personal use of social media.

Policy 7540.05 – District Issued Staff Email Account – Governs the use of Staff Email and prohibits the use of personal email for conducting school business.

Policy 7540.06 – District Issued Student Email Accounts – Governs the use of student email account. Restricts all school correspondence to the district issued email accounts.

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